‘Lady Bette and the Murder of Mr Thynn

What people are saying about ‘Lady Bette and the Murder of Mr Thynn’……..

“expertly explored…fascinating”  Christopher Hirst INDEPENDENT 24 March 2014

“the stuff of gothic romance…in this dashing revival of the case” Iain Finlayson TIMES 22 March 2014

“as wild a ride through Restoration England as one could hope to get….an intriguing, heart-breaking story”  Leah Rhyne BOOKSHOTS

“Atmospherically conjuring an age of religious unrest and political turmoil….offers a colourful world of court and city in a compelling portrait of Restoration England”  GOOD BOOK GUIDE May 2014

“an exciting and truly well-informed whodunit.” Alexandra Henson THE FIELD June 2014

“Any history lover will enjoy this pacy true story, but if you’re particularly into
the scheming, the intrigues, the power-broking of the Restoration elite, you
will adore this book.” Mike Patterson LONDON HISTORIANS’ BLOG May 2014

This is the true story of fourteen year old heiress Lady Bette, who is tricked into marrying Thynn, a dissolute and sinister fortune hunter. Weeks later Thynn is killed in the street by hired hit-men. But who was behind the murder? Was it the glamorous Count Konigsmark, who was rumoured to be Bette’s lover? Was it a plot by Catholics intent on destroying a key player in the Protestant faction? Or was it Bette herself?

The reader is led through the turmoil of the streets, taverns, coffee houses and brothels of London into the Court at Whitehall, the stately homes of England – Syon, Petworth, Longleat and Althorp – and the palaces of Paris, Rome and The Hague.

The rich and famous rub shoulders with obscure foot-soldiers, watermen and newspaper hacks. Lives criss-cross and collide in the atmosphere of violence and insecurity engendered by religious fanaticism and political conspiracy.

Meticulously researched, the narrative unfolds to reveal a vivid and accurate portrayal of Restoration society.

Listen to Katie Scarfe reading the opening chapter

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